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At Ava Developments our ambition is to provide a feasible solution to homeowners who have a sizeable section for subdivision but simply no financial means to do so.

Our concept is simple, if you have a section that can be easily subdivided we propose to enter into a joint venture with the homeowner. We will provide the capital and expertise required to subdivide the section in order to get it prepared and ready for sale in the hot Auckland property market.

We believe by creating a clear vision and taking a long term view, we can offer homeowners an opportunity to capitalise on what is most likely their main asset providing them with immense financial benefits in return.

Our Services

Subdividing can be a costly and lengthy process that can be very daunting. It is also time consuming and comes with a significant amount of stress, planning and preparation together with numerous fees and costs which can often lead to the concept being out of the reach for some homeowners.

A typical subdivision process can take approximately 9 – 12 months to finalise and it can become troublesome if it is not managed efficiently and by competent professionals.

With various different elements to consider including engaging with surveyors, architects, drainage specialists, lawyers and Auckland City Council, it is easy to become lost in the process.

Our concept seeks to relieve homeowners of all the stress as we project manage the process from beginning to end. Homeowners only need to wait and reap the financial rewards upon completion of the section sale.

Why Partner With Us

At Ava, we pride ourselves on been “Ethical Operators” and seek to differentiate ourselves by treating clients with respect, honesty and in a fair and reasonable manner.

With expertise in Auckland subdivisions, we are the perfect joint venture partner that will deliver results to the best of our ability and in a timely fashion.

We guarantee complete transparency in the managing of projects so that clients are always kept up to date and well informed at all times.

Homeowners will receive a profit share from the joint venture, which will most likely reduce their mortgage and/or any other debt quite considerably. In some cases, it may in fact provide significant relief in the form of been able to repay their mortgage in full whilst having cash leftover for the enjoyment of life.

Our goal is to simply offer homeowners an opportunity to capitalise on their property whilst enjoying the luxury and security of retaining their own home.

Call 021 933 919 to find out if your property is suitable for subdivison.

Project Management

Ava also offer a subdivision project management service.

If you are subdividing your property but are far too busy to deal with the time consuming process and endless paperwork, let us take care of the whole process from beginning to end enabling you to concentrate on other aspects of your life.

We offer a full project management service for a set fee with no hidden extras.

With experience in Auckland subdivisions we can apply our streamlined processes to your project to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible and we achieve the desired results for you, our client.

Let us take the ease out of your subdivision. Call Anyta now on 021 933 919 to find out more information.

Our People

Afakasi Sione is full Samoan and grew up in Avondale, Auckland. He studied carpentry before migrating to London in 2004 where he spent 10 years working as a Project Manager and Site Foreman in the Construction Industry.

Anyta Sione is half Samoan half European and grew up in Ranui, Auckland. She migrated to London in 2002 where she spent 12 years working for a Private Equity Company. She also completed a Bachelor of Business Management at the University of Westminster in London.

Afakasi & Anyta migrated back to Auckland in December 2014 with their two young children.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of engaging with Ava Developments include:

  1. One point of contact throughout the whole transaction with no involvement in the complicated time consuming process. This takes away the stress from dealing with Council and various consultants and contractors which can be stressful.
  2. Experience – with subdivision, constuction and project management experience you can rest assured your project is in capable hands.
  3. Trust & Confidence – the whole transaction is open book and we offer complete transparency.  We are ethical operators with intergrity and have your best interests at heart.
  4. Efficient – with streamlined processes we ensure no un-necessary expenditure.
  5. Outstanding people skills – we attain the highest level of interpersonal skills and are easy to deal with and approach.

Benefits of Subdivision



“I met Afakasi & Anyta through my brother which was a HUGE blessing as it was right at the time I was planning to do some big renovations for my property.

Given I had no background in building and had absolutely no idea on what goes on both pre/post council approval, the wealth of knowledge and experience that these two brought to the table was a life saver!

I’ve found their services to anything property or building related to be of the highest level, but what I found most impressive/grateful for was the level of professionalism, integrity and patience that they have.

Thanks so much team for all your help.”

David Taito

“Ava Developments came recommended to us by a mortgage broker to help with our subdivision.
We can easily say that they have been more helpful with their tireless efforts, patience and easy to approach nature.

Ava Developments have provided us with endless advice to our many questions we had about the subdivision process. Turn around time on replies to texts and emails are very quick and you’re never left wondering if your email is sitting unread in their inbox after a week.

What we really like is that Anyta and Afakasi understood and cared about what we wanted to achieve as a family so we have definitely been more than impressed with the services that Ava Developments have provided us with thus far and would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Thank you Ava Developments”

William & Elaine

Contact Information

For more information contact:
Anyta on 021 933 919
Email: anyta@avadevelopments.co.nz

Ava Developments Trustee Co Limited
PO Box 71091
Auckland 1026
New Zealand

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